Can't Be Stopped

Vockah Redu & Tha Crew
Can't Be Stopped (Y2K, C2K) @ 320
[cover courtesy of poster N0LA]
[audio courtesy of poster ThugDoubt]

Another Sissy Bounce post which means another opportunity for you to remind me why racism is fundamentally different than other forms of prejudice.

If from nothing else, you'll remember Vockah from this post, where Katey Red complains "That's Jevakah. That's another homosexual. They called her Jevakah Re-Do, because she re-do all the songs that I do." She's referring to the track featured here called "Fuck Katey Red". The fact that every other Sissy Bounce rapper is obliged to make a Katey-diss has the unintended effect of painting Katey Red as the dominant Sissy.

"Bout It Night" is a strange meta-moment, remixing the record's single "Bout It Whoa", by way of an Erykah Badu parody. Its not the only hard-to-explain track on here - there is a general-MIDI second line instrumental that is listed as featuring "Derrick formerly of Rebirth" that doesn't seem to feature anyone or anything else. Its kind of cool, but at the same time lifeless (for second line) and disorienting (on this rap record).

Elsewhere, the record mostly sticks to the "Local New Orleans" call & response format. There's also a good instrumental all aspiring sissies can use on their next mixtape.


noz said...

"explain to me why racism is so fundamentally different than other forms of prejudice."

300 years of slavery, perhaps?

kid slizzard said...

yeah, its not that I don't know the difference or that I don't believe there is a significant historical difference, I'm just referring to the debate that came up last time I posted a Sissy record and I referred to both having a black president and rap audience being able to accept a gay rapper as "progress"

Anonymous said...

Noz: slavery is over, but people are still getting hassled because of their sexuality. In some countries they even still jail or kill people for being gay. I really cannot see the difference.

N0LA said...


Anonymous said...

Re-up this!