Cowbell Splatter Pattern

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DJ Kid Slizzard presents
Psycho Sounds: Murderbells of Mempho
Da Mixtape

Made this months ago but have sitting on it meaning to write, slowed down by fatherhood. The 6th and most involved Twankle & Glisten mixtape. Internet revisionism, a made-up genre. If Second Line is celebratory funeral music, this is its mirror: hypnotic swirls of robot cowbell to premeditate murder to. I've layered the tracks, added echo and samples. A lot of inbetween moments put to use here: outros, intros, roll calls, interludes, instrumentals, as though cowbell cuts are emergent phenomena like sidewalk weeds that sprout up naturally in the cracks between songs when the conditions are goldilocks. These tracks range from slow to very slow, excepting only some double time shit like the Alkatraz Ridaz cut, which is the mix's only professional seeming production and incidentally one of its most intricate cowbell loops.

Intro - North Memphis Playas Click / Ima Hoe - Kilo G / Comin For Yo Ass - Shawty Pimp / Street Type Nigga - Tommy Wright / Pushin Powda - DJ Tommy Wright feat. Shawty Pimp & MC Spade / Intro - DJ Pinky / Bitches Ain't Shit - DJ Squeeky / Outro - Outlaw / Tha Funeral - Kilo G feat. DJ Zril & DJ Squeeky / In the House - DJ Spanish Fly / Smokin Onion remix - DJ Spanish Fly / Talk Ya Ass Off - Triple 6

MC Mack - Let's Make a Stain / Murder in the 1st Degree - Princess Loko / Meet Yo Maker - Tommy Wright feat. Tiptoe / Planet Full of Pimps - Big Mar / Gauge Blast - Shawty Pimp / Binghampton NIggas - Lil Noid / Beat Down - Lord Infamous / Real Niggaz Don't Play - Alkatraz Ridaz / Cement Shoes - DJ Spanish Fly / I wish You Would - Red DOg / Ain't No Shame - Darkside Click / Instrumental - Carmike / More Shouts - DJ Ace