Bitch Get Off Me, Gotta Have Coughee

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DJ Kid Slizzard presents
For the Weed Smokers
Da Mixtape

A long time coming - this is the 5th and ultimate Twankle & Glisten cassettemix - 90 minutes of my favorite weed bangers disproportionately from Memphis but there's also a lot of West Coast classic junts in the bag. This is the tape in my pocket on a desert isle. If I never post here again its okay cuz I got this out my system.

My love of rap music and my preference for the rap music in this blog over the rap music not in this blog - comes from weed. When I was a teenager weed was like an iron and rap CD-Rs were like secret messages lemon juiced on paper. It seemed there was an evolutionary biology behind it, a perfect synchronicity. Rhythm'd tricks of sensation like smoke and mirrors, the non-linear flow of Mr. Show segues, samples that float like disaffected memories over a field of bass and slang - a drugged language...

Well, fuck. I can't explain it to you, you feel it or you don't.

I included a proper size jpeg in the zip so you can manufacture your own tape if you like (should fit exactly on a C-90). But I keep some of these around if you run into me IRL (sold at cost not profit) and the young burnouts of Gnar Tapes and Shit sometimes promise me they'll bake a batch.

But don't assume I agree with every statement on this tape. I, for one, would gladly split a bammer ounce with you. Where I grew up a "quarter" was a sensible name because it cost 25 dollars and if it wasn't moldy it was good enough for smoking. Boutique green has its merits but if for nothing other than nostalgia I could go for some weak, dry, seedy brick weed about now, junt after junt...

Mr. Pookie & Mr. Lucci - Roll Something / Odd Squad - Coughee / Al Kapone - Smoke One / 310 Hurricane - Skit / DJ Sir Swift - High, So High / Magnolia Crime Click - Smoke a Blunt / Tre-8 - Smoke Blunts / Lil Slim - Blunt After Blunt / Master P - I Got Dank / Ice Mike - Here Smoke This / Black Mystic - Blunts & Junts / Shawty Pimp & DJ Ace - High As Hell / 2-Nes - Light Green Weed / Mississippi Mafia - Roaches In My Ashtray / Gangsta Pat - I Wanna Smoke / Indo G & Lil Blunt - Let's Get Fucked Up / DJ Spanish Fly - Smokin Onion / Dre Dog - Chocolate Thai / Three Sides - I Wanna Smoke / Lil Gin - So High

RBL Posse - Bammer Weed / ESG - Smoke On / Guice - Fire It Up / Mac Dre - I Need A Eighth / Success-N-Effect - Roll It Up My Nigga / Dre Dog - Smoke Drugs & Rap / Playalistic Posse - Smokin Weed / Triple 6 - Pass That Junt / DJ Paul - Smoke A Sack / Legendary Lady J - Chronic Dope / Gangsta Boo - Smoke One / 8ball & MJG - Smokin Chicken / Lokee - Weed FIends / UNLV - Step It Up / Devin the Dude - We Get High / Harlem Underground - Cheeba Cheeba / Lil Gin - Shake Junt