Random Junts

T&G just relocated to Los Angeles, so much on my plate its hard to stay blog-active, buts thats all for the better, really. Still, I'd like to feed yall little bits of something if for no other reason then to encourage these Japan spambots to keep screaming their nonsense at me. This blog has always been dependent on my record purchases, a fetishist's diary, I suppose. But purchasing has come to a standstill in the face of deliberate unemployment.

So this has slowed me down, but it hasn't stopped me completely. Its still the future, its after the aughts even, and luckily I don't need funds to obsessively consume. I was in Atlanta recently and accomplished some aggressive duping. Track by track, here are some of the fruits. Hopefully, most of these are new to you, new to the internet.

"Crooked I Anthem" Ridaz - Profitt f/ C-Loc: I love the pressing, intense vibe the strings add to this track's ascending second-line style bassline, Naptown (Indianapolis) meets Baton Rouge
"Get Buck" - Play Cuzins: actually, what I said about the Profitt track applies again here. Similar tracks, I guess, more double-time hihats, solemn harmonies, threatening lyrics
"Polo Club" - Money Marc & Roposul (from Players Only Live Once, 2001) cool Memphis cassette vibe to this track, not sure if that's where these two are from
"Ballas, Pimps, Gangstas" - Forever Lawless: you might not appreciate the late 20th century Cash Money style here but I used to bump this track around that time and I'm glad as hell to have a copy again. Video is on display here.
"Georgia Bounce" - NPC: GA group serves up a fairly straight-forward DJ Jubilee-inspired junt
"Ghetto Bounce (inst)" - Moochie Mack (from Broke Pimpin, 2001): I haven't even heard the voc mix but, then again, I don't really need to. I'd like to make a film with this as the main theme
"My Brougham" - MC Fresh (from 12" on Boomtown): bumping bootyshake Fleetwood fetish
"Whoomp, There It Is" - Pimp Team: possibly the original sissy rapper, pretty straight forward parody of "Whoomp" where the "it" thats there is the "Almighty Club" (beware)
"Who Let Them Dogs Loose" - MC Mack & Kamikaze: admittedly, not that much to it, but I can't resist the "Iron Man" bass melody

Did I mention? More than one Memphis mix in the established Twankle Tape form coming soon in digital and cassette formats!


On Vacation

Enjoy this brief SMK footage until I return...