Lethal T and the Outcast
Death by Lethal's Injection
(1994, Lethal Records)
cassette -> 320 mp3

Look's like this cover was designed by whoever did "I'm Back! I'm Back", same font and photo grade. And I think this is the first and last release on Lethal Records, which is too bad because their handgun logo deserved more printing. This may also be the first and last rip on this site to hail from San Antonio, Tx. Make that one more pin on the Triggaman cork board, except actually the "Triggaman" track on this cassette and the Showboys classic are mutually exclusive. Different Outcast, different Triggaman. This one is all funk-drums in the hallway and the Young & Restless theme stuck on one chord.

The great thing about LPs and cassettes is the splitting of identity into two sides, hinting at the ambiguity of everything. I have a strong preference for the B-Side of this one - more energy, less reliant on G-Funk squiggle. The "outro" music track reminds me of "pick a box its contents will help you on your way".

Shouts are shouted-out both inside and on this tape to Wink-D, I wonder if its the same one.