Where They At?


Here I am slow-blogging per usual, meanwhile Allison Fensterstock & Aubrey Edwards have put together the most comprehensive archive of NOLA rap history on the web. Their project Where They At?: New Orleans Hip-Hop & Bounce in Words & Pictures is part photo / essay / ephemera museum exhibit, part extensive historical documentation, part transplant live performances (such as bringing Bounce acts to SXSW). Its a big thang and depending where you're at there might be various ways to get in it but you can start from anywhere, like me right now, reading all these interviews.


Psychedelic, Epileptic Loke


Lokee Voodoo Gangsta Funk
(199?, Tombstone)
cassette ->320

This shit is sticky like weed you can't roll joints of. Great maximal production from Ice Mike on "Torture" and the classic "Weed Fiends" (with Magnolia Slim). He does a few other tracks on here too like the short remake of Chuck Berry's novelty hit "My Dingaling". Not that Lokee, a producer in his own right, needs any assistance - he's manning the boards on as many tracks as Mike. Written, arranged, conceptualized and freaked by Kenyatta "Lokee" Ruth. What else did Lokee release?

Your T&G homework this week is to refine/correct this transcription of Lok's opening "Weed Fiends" verse:

Skee make my heart beat, doochie make me duck
But give me a big fat goo and nigga I'm cool as fuck
Buck, buck, I steal niggaz like Randy Polo, with low blows
Well worth the weight, in the 8-98, straight kickin' it
With some brick niggaz out that Eastside
Bout to take you all on this hellafied sweet ride, I
Gotsta have it when I rides in the A.M.
Shotguns to the brain, nigga never strain, nigga never say when
Nickels don't do nothin' but tickle the real smoker, I'm bout it
I be blowing zones with my chauffeur, pull over, I need another optimum posse
So I can my lil thing, while me smokes weed up my nostril
There go Jekyl & Hyde, take my guns from the side
Motherfuckers seem to make a nigga do ya
Motherfucker ???????? that nigga's eye, alright, heart bussa
Don't back up nigga, suffer
Cause thats the only way a real soulja get enough of
Tryin' to twerk somethin', tryin' to hurt somethin'
Bump somethin', dump somethin', nigga, hump somethin'
Fuck, so my nose stop runnin' track, say dog
Pass that fuckin' dollar back and watch me pull a vicious act
Speed ballin', all in, torture, look what the bundle man brought ya, caught ya