Ice Mike Washa Machine (remix)

(2007, Free Download)

And Oh Shit! its the Washa Machine. No shame in sharing since its up for grabs on Ice Mike's myspace. Nice to know the storm didn't halt N.O.'s ongoing bpm acceleration, though I'm starting to believe New Orleans, Texas is an actual place (where Harry Dean Stanton wakes up sometimes). A while ago Mike posted "I Shitted in That Hoes House" up on his myspace, put the last three copies of the disc up on ebay, sat back and watched the prices soar... I made that up, but I'd never put a smart thing past a smart guy, though I have to wonder what kind of prayers he's sending the president's way (I pray it has something to do with shitting in the whitehouse). 

Meanwhile me and 35 million unknowing tweekers are holding our breath for 10th Ward Buck to Drop "Fasta 3".

P.S. Although Ya Heard Me? the film has some unknown hurdles to hop, they've at least spawned a website with some much needed bounce historical homework. Anyone who knows what the hell "Paul Cameron's Brown's Beat" is say what up. I always credited the 'Brown Beat' to UK rapper Derek B.'s "Rock the Beat".

Update: its later cleared up in these pages that Paul Cameron put the Rock the Beat loop on one of his Ultimate Breaks records, thereby coining its break nickname

Country Rap Tunes

Oh man, a warm hole in my heart for southern rap’s messy appropriation of country blues phrasing. But first, a flipped bird to every kid in my 5th grade class who ever proclaimed an interest in anything but either genre and a second to the dude who coined “hick-hop”. What if Andre 3000 had hired Nashville Session players to take over for Mr. DJ (by the way, where’s his ass now? Working on the new Witchdoctor?) instead of exploring drum’n’bass interpolations of the Sound of Music? (and since I brought it up - why isn’t there a new Cool Breeze? Guy invented the Dirty South like Al Gore invented the internet). 

I’m skipping over Towdown’s prototype because I can’t find my promo CD single and the video is too painful for me to watch. And I’m not changing the title of this post though I will serve up the instrumental at some point in the future. Instead, there’s 40 B-Low’s “Country Bass”.The name says it all, though if its any indication ass-shaking ain’t so different in Butts County, GA than A-T-L-A-N-T-A G-A. 

Another one: The Blue Flame Click’s “Down Way” best (or only) known as the outmoded break that DJ (One-)Armed Robbery (played by Blacknmild) used to keep the party dead in Kane & Abel’s “Da Block Party”. First rate intro with second rate verses by a third rate click (at least as much as their Soundclick page suggests) from down where the “dirt is” ..uh.. “dirty”. 

Trophy goes out to Big Mike, Six 2 & Young Bleed for “Down Home”, though. One of the best rolled front porch blunts since “Rosa Parks”, not to mention smoothest thug accordion ever. As of yet this release is solely available in this youtube clip.

Tum-Tum’s “Deep in Da Heart of Texas” is enough of a tangent that I’m not posting the MP3, but it deserves mention A) for being so dope and B) for delivering lyrics so plausible that I’ll never remember the actual unofficial State song here parodied.

Update: Mr. DJ is living in Sherman Oaks? wtf and developing his "Camp David" label and roster. Some post-Outkast prod. credits of his include Yung Joc's "Uh Huh", Rich Boy's "RGF and I love You" and 2XL's "The Hustler's Gone".


On Purpose

Take Fo is claiming a new release for 08 (Swaggin & Saggin) and though I can’t quite figure who its by (Choppa? Take Fo’ Superstars?) I almost believe them. Or rather, I almost believe that in 3 years copies will start surfacing for $2.00 on Amazon, now that Peaches (Bounce Rap’s lone internet outpost) has been destroyed (R.I.P), though last time I checked Big Freedia was selling her disc on her myspace (DJ Chicken, too). Maybe Bounce didn’t so much need a contract with Hollywood Records to break nationally - just a paypal shoppingcart.

A new Jubilee disc was hinted at originally, with a new Hokey Pokey track posted online. All evidence of this prospective release disappearing from the Internets suggests Henry The Man and Earl Mackie finally caught on that the playground shit would never bring the gouda. There’s definitely something impotent about Jube dissing Juvenile over a bassline rocking the Barney theme song. Crossed fingers for an appearance by DJ Duck. And here’s hoping the New Take Fo will rise above the ranks of the New No Limit.

I have to admit, its refreshing that most bounce has evaded the “Let’s Download” page of nerd rap boards. It makes me wonder if it was maybe just one ambitious nerd who unleashed every stray memphis cassette onto torrent world.

Maybe Jubilee would have faired better if he’d focused on one dance at a time. It seems promising for Dude N’ Nem, whose new post-juke single “Watch My Feet” serves up the most abrupt beat change I’ve heard since my cat Thug tried to eat my “What’s Happenin” 12”. Check it:


Update: Since this blog's first awkward post several Bounce sharity blogs have appeared, some even disappeared. Actually, this blog became one itself.