I'm Back, Jimi's Back, We all Back

DJ Jimi
I'm Back, I'm Back + Bonus
(1994, Gamtown) @ 320

The promo vinyl sampler to this record was generously shared by a reader last year but here's the full-on rip.

I had to listen to parts of this record on repeat to catch up with all the times I'd already listened to those tracks featured on Juvenile's "Playaz of the Game". I don't know whats up with that weird release by the curious California-based D3 label that put out similarly dubious looking best-of bootleggs by BB King and Barry White, but I assume they scooped up rights for cheap thinking they could bank on his later success. Those CDs are going for 9 cents on Amazon right now, with a lot of hilarious diss comments from people who have no idea what Bounce music might be.

Anyhow, once my familiarity leveled out and I could listen to this as a real full-length I realized this is a great record start to finish. Thick, smooth & funky cuts with plenty of humor and spliced triggaman bells. It would be great if these songs all had answers MC'd by "Bitches Reply"s uncredited vocalist.


kid slizzard said...

This CD is great in the usual style of Cash Money. I read in a magazine all about this cd and I will explain what all of the other reviewers have gotten wrong. First of all,DJ Jimi is really Manny Fresh. Manny Fresh has changed his name to DJ Jimi because he though that was a lot more creative and it makes him sound more black. Juvenile is all over this record also. He simply changed the way he raps (he sound a little more girlish). Buy this cd. If you have no other Cash Money cd,get this one. It is by far the best one!
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Anonymous said...

Yeah, it sounds good!
Jimi's back, you're back, we're back too... Maybe one day, you'll give us 2 versions of "Back tha azz up" to explain the polemic between Cash Money & Take Fo?

kid slizzard said...

I have actually already posted Jubilee's "Take It To the St. Thomas" which features his Back That Azz Up... I doubt the link is still hot though

Anonymous said...

Ok Kid, Thankx... DJ Jimi is great, I really love him but I think my favorite NOLA producer was DJ Precise at that time...

Anonymous said...

Negro DJ Jimi is not Manny Fresh are you serious?Stop it

kid slizzard said...

haha that is a comment I pulled off of amazon... funny

Scott said...

Awesome, thanks for posted. I shared my (well-worn) vinyl sampler, but it's nice to have the extra tracks and no crackle. Really strong production here -- did DJ Jimi do much between this album and his first LP?

eda said...




Anonymous said...

are all of you for real. Mannie Fresh could never be D.J Jimi. There is only one DJ Jimi. He is what made bounce happen. Get your facts correct before you go posted this shit on the web. And I wish he would come back out to sit Lil Wayne down cause I am tired of hearing him now. We Love you DJ Jimi where ever you are.