Bounce Talent 95-97

Home-captured relics of emerging Bounce Talent from the last millennium. Way too little of this available, even in the age of Youtube. All this comes from the PSYKESVISION youtube channel, you can hit that up here and also thank poster / homie ThugDoubt for pointing my eyes there.

My favorite banner is the middle one, with the autumn-colored explosion patterning and ecstatic hydraulics.


Young Mia Young

Mia X Ask Them Suckas
(1992, Lamina Records) @ 320

I put away the turntables to clear up some production space in my apartment and that put vinyl rips on hold for a second, but I made a little makeshift DJ hut in the kitchen today to get some shit up here.

I may have mentioned earlier that I gave up on ever receiving Womack Da Omen's Book of the Dead from the Street Smart Store, demanded a refund and reapplied the funds to this record. And let me defend myself in my tireless complaining - due to time limitations I was unable to put any kind of dent in TW3's undeserved but impeccable feedback rating on Ebay and though I realize consumer advice is the lowest form of criticism, I'm happy to be the lowest critic. Besides, there are unpleasant aspects of the nerd pathology required to undertake something like this that are inseparable from the fruits of it and as far as our values go free music is greater than paid-for music, aged music is better than new music and free music with some perspective added is better than free music alone.

I've restored the blog banner proper and I realize now that its almost the direct visual representation of our favorite MCs if only you exclude Luke & Trina who function more as symbols of Objectifier and Object, for better or worse and let me again state a T&G ambition that may or may not come to fruition, because either way stating it makes it more likely to happen: I have plans for a Mia X mix that zooms in on her many No Limit verses and pre-NL output because, and this applies to the rest of the banner, MCing is a complicated and often dependent art form and the many things tugging on it make for a much messier body of work than that of, say, Picasso or the Beatles. What a mix does best is root thru the trash and find whats edible (and the most edible thing in No Limit's output is Mia X verses), which makes me the mixer something like Robin Hood and something like a Homeless Man both of whom, I believe, have Crank Dat songs.

I spose I haven't even mentioned this thing yet: low tuned triggaman bells, drum sounds I don't recognize, a gentle orchestra hit at every measure, a simple bass line that squiggles at the ends and Mia X's first recorded verse? I can't verify that last remark. Prove me wrong.


So U Think U Can Peter Peter Pan Pan

New Orleans Bounce greets world on Fox last night plus complimentary video from Big Choo "The Founder".