Nascent NOLA 12s: Nuthin Nice

MC J Ro J "Ain't Nuthin Nice"
(1988, Enoja) @ 320 kbps

One more piece in the J Roget puzzle. This 12 doesn't capture the same timeless New Orleans vibe as the "Let's Jump" single, but its still a varied and interesting document. There seems to be a correlation between the music on his records and the oufit he wears on the front but I've haven't quite figured what it is. How similar is the production on Mia X's "Mommie Dearest"? Does it sound more like this or the Westbank tracks we're familiar with? Please yall, if anyone's holding that one don't hold out.

Funny dated samples and references: "Sometimes, I feel like a nut", "Homie don't play that", Snap!'s "I've Got the Power".

Scratches by DJ KLC (& DJ Treble) and that makes this the earliest record to feature Craig Lawson I know of (his wikipedia page claims he was "active" since 87). And though this is tangential I like this anglefire bio:

KLC is a sleepy-eyed B-Boy turned producer. He comes with the "Michael Meyer" beats, that are eerie and wicked. He's also the one who usually produces the rowdy Soldier songs. They say that, to get him to produce a hit beat, the keyword is, "food". He can produce well on a full stomach than on an empty one. Also, the beat to the rowdy anthem, "Bout It, Bout It" was an accident gone right. After KLC's one year old daughter Crashan, started messing with his equipment, he realized the beat she added was what he was looking for. He also raps, which he made his debut act on Mia X's, "Mama's Family" off, Unladylike.


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Can you reupload MC J-Ro please and thank you!

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