MC J' Ro 'J Let's Jump
(Rosemont, 1988) @ 320 kbps

Starts off with the same oom-pah march of Gregory D's "Buckjump Time"... such a strange rhythm for a rap song - squared-off, the heartbeat of punk or polka or some shit. Where is room for the funk in that? But then a shuffling snare lays down, a tuba weighs in and before you know it the whole second-line ward-repping parade takes over.

Nothing else really sounds like this. Not even other contemporaneaous NOLA brass-rap. I suppose at the time local modes of rap production were still unformed enough for shit to sound really individual and distinct.


barns said...

this is crazy. thanks!

N0LA $ou1ja said...

Damn, I never heard this. Thanks man. BTW, this is track #2 from what?

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot. how bout postin the complete vls?

Anonymous said...

thanks nice stuff u have on here. which album ist that track from? ive seen a red vinyl from him some time ago is it from that one?
greets dober

Anonymous said...

link dead!

Anonymous said...

someone re-up please