Fired Up

Fiend f/ BG & Soulja Slim
"Fired Up" (2004, No Label)

Soundtrack presence casts such an ugly shadow on rap singles. Which is probably why I didn't actually listen to this 12" until 3 years after purchasing it. I definitely listened to the David Banner A-side but must have lost confidence quickly. But I've seen this movie more than twice and I definitely don't remember this song's inclusion.

The production has a real original feel even if it does feel a little too much like a very colorful Volkswagon commercial. Its equal parts gamelan, Bang On a Can-style post minimalism and that triumphant Archie Eversole sound. Who produced this??

Really, I don't know any unreleased record that deserves daylight more than the BG & Slim collabo. This may be as close as that came in the physical world.