Nascent M-Town 12s: Motherfuck the Cops

Men of the Hour
Cop's Aint Shit 2 Me / Psycho
(1991, Bazooka) @ 320 kbps

Noz already streamed this shit, but I've giving it out fully and including the instrumentals too because I really like this release and not just as a historical document but as music.

And maybe being a guitarist makes me more sympathetic to the instrument's rap inclusion. I also love the orchestra hit synth sounds in both tracks because they sound so dated but their arrangement makes it hard. A much rawer sound than the contemporary Radical T features.

Instrumentalwise, "Psycho" works well as a stand-alone. The crowd sounds, drums & samples, no-reservations funk wah guitar and whispered "psycho" all combine to make a really unexpected music.