Boom Worship


Nemesis Temple of Boom
(1993, Profile) @ 320

The gap between this post and the previous is longer than any other in T&G history. Its easier and easier for me to see how someone falls off from doing a charity share like this. Its good news in a way, it signals me doing more rewarding things with my own music instead of archiving the past. I'm an unqualified historian but an excellent organizer. I should work at the post office.

The physical object behind today's datashare comes from a far-off place - I bought this Nemesis CD from an antiques street market in Jakarta, Indonesia's capital, for 30,000Rp. Don't worry, its not much money. I didn't see a lot of other American rap music for sale but either bootleggs or legit int'l cassettes of Banned in the USA were on display in every record store I went to. Oh and to clear up an old T&G question - there is a lot of weed grown in the country, but in concentrated places and elsewhere people don't smoke nothin but cloves. It seems the military is behind the operation and they will cut off your head if you interfere.

Glad I found this, though, because my DL'd vers. skipped during "Go Ron C". Since so often this blog is like the Triggaman Where's Waldo I should point out the bells in the title track and I always do this but what is the sample on "Hard from Birth" that is also in Al Kapone's "For the Low-Low"? Btw, thanks for the youtube DJFUGANO!