Hard and Cool as the Fuck


Ruthless Juveniles Hard as Tha' F**k II
(1995, Mobo) cassette -> 320 kbps

The bloody pacifier. Raised on blood or mouths just oozing it. Part infant, part wolf. A pack of predator children at war - cruel, merciless, cool. An uzi, a tec in a bloody crib. Toddlers smoking tricycle blunts. The singular production of Death: orderly restraint, smooth sampling, thoughtful panning. Eerie West Bank funk, hard as the fuck.


Anonymous said...

Yea, This and the first one were pretty "Ground Breaking" stuff at the time.

If the eerie sounds of the R.J. tickle your Fancy, get your ears tuned in to The Dog House Posse.
Its in the same vein as R.J. and they were also on Mobo Records.
Either way all Mobo's early product were Classic.

Matt Miller said...

the phrasing of the title--"Hard as the fuck" rather than "Hard as Fuck"--always seemed strange to me... is this a Louisiana thing, or a more general tendency in rap that I somehow missed...? I like how on some of these early NOLA releases they would try to make themselves look hard by taking pictures out in the woods, like they're living in the swamp or something...

Anonymous said...

Most of the WestBank of New Orleans is wooded/swamp infested areas.
It's the yang to the EastBanks metropolated ying.
And yea, I guess thats a Louisiana thing to say "The" in the phrase to make it one level higher than what the rest of the nation says.

Chopper City KGZ said...

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N0LA $ou1ja said...

Yeah, that's how we talk. Hard as the fuck, Cold as the fuck...etc. Never really thought about it til you mentioned it.

Turlet said...

swamps and woods don't infest anything

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