Put Out the Fire


Sporty T Chromed Out
(1997, Ruff Era) @ 320

Wow, imagine a time when Lil Wayne had a small head. This one is heavy on Hot Boys disses which, without any actual information, I would attribute either to the similarity of group names (Hot Boys vs. Wet Boys) or to the jealousy of watching your former music partner rise up high and past you. I'll be making it a habit of upping a single representative track from every full-length I offer because the internet is getting so big and so is the headache it's giving me. Can you imagine having to show ID to ride around these highways? My favorite from this full-length is "What Kind of Playa", definitely the heaviest bounce/chant junt on here though the electro/old school influenced "If We Got Beef" (produced by Ice Mike) is a close contestant (I mean in the contest of My Favorite Track, not Heaviest Bounce/Chant Junt) and probably a more unusual track, all things considered.

Speaking of "All Things Considered", thank god Treme is over. It was way too much like music features on NPR, which can suck the life out of anything.


boi-dan said...

RIP Sporty T, I got about four of his C.D's...........

He had skills and humor

Anonymous said...

Sporty-T was one of the founding artist at Big Boy Records.
Big Boy was always at odds with Cash Money Records.
Big Boy folded up but the last official release from them was
"Street Soldier, Respect it or Check it" by Sporty-T.
"Juvi (You Ain't No Soldier);"
got him a buzz once more so he
road that train and made Entire CD's around Cash Money disses.
Da Wild Boyz-Time 4 Da Real
was his last "mainstream" record.
He got shot 5 times in 2001 bounced back and then Got shot in 2008 and didnt make it.
Hope this Helps.

Anonymous said...

I always liked Sporty for shamelessly airing out his bitterness & obvious jealousy. Seems like most of his peers tried to maintain a certain aloofness, even when doing a diss track or handling beef in general, for fear of appearing "too concerned"... Nope, not Sporty!

Bredd said...

I downloaded some album by a group called Wet Boys. It was called "Puttin' Out The Fire vol. 1" which had the same motorcycle photo from this on it. Hmm. Ice Mike was on it as well

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