In the process of making the next T&G cassettemix - For the Weed Smokers, and for the first time noticed this sample. Reminds me of Cee-Lo's Primus sample.


Anonymous said...

You should put the OG version of that song on your mixtape.
If you can find the original
"Da Ghettos Tryin' To Kill Me"
on the net.

kid slizzard said...

Yeah I'm putting the version of "I got the dank" from my cassette version of "The Ghetto's Tryin To Kill Me" are you saying there is an earlier version?

Mr Lonely said...

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Anonymous said...

I Think what the first dude was get'n @
The version of "I Got the Dank" from the Original version of T.G.T.T.K.M., That had an entire different sample used for the song.
That is the true "original" version.
Not the Cali re-issue or the
No Limit re-issue, the one that was sold at the swap meets and only came out on green cassettes with the title and Master-P on it.
It did not have a tracklist or anything.
I think it was a Debarge sample used insted of the current one.