Where They At?


Here I am slow-blogging per usual, meanwhile Allison Fensterstock & Aubrey Edwards have put together the most comprehensive archive of NOLA rap history on the web. Their project Where They At?: New Orleans Hip-Hop & Bounce in Words & Pictures is part photo / essay / ephemera museum exhibit, part extensive historical documentation, part transplant live performances (such as bringing Bounce acts to SXSW). Its a big thang and depending where you're at there might be various ways to get in it but you can start from anywhere, like me right now, reading all these interviews.


Squawbrey said...

Just wait until we get the tapes up in the archives, it'll blow your mind!

Alison F. said...

And a lot of my music came from you. Still looking for the radio "Payback" though, been too lazy to rip it from Youtube.

Mike Davies said...

very nice!
I like it.