Weakest Links


S.A.W. Soldiers At War (1999, Military Recordz)
Ghetto Twinz Surrounded By Criminals (1995, Big Boy Records)
Ceaser The Life And Times (199?, Fat Bank Records)

Triple Threat! 3 cassettes I ripped without preview and won't be listening to again and I need to get rid of them. But I think of this site as an archive and I think of my preferences as singular. It seems like the internet should have conquered the human desire to have opinions made for you but all it did was shift who the makers were. Download, try, delete - discover gems in trashcan rap.

Otherwise, enjoy the cover art.


Anonymous said...

that S.A.W. ... They from Chicago i think
MF Sleem

Anonymous said...

Muzik N General Blog can fill in some of the kowledge gaps if you want some history on the tapes you posting Kidd.
They just upped Ricky B's life history lol.

Anonymous said...

"Let's get this shit Str-8"
Ghetto Twinz feat.G-Slimm
is a classic.

Trashcanrap...you trippin'.

N0LA $ou1ja said...

Ghetto Twiinz - Surrounded By Criminals could never be a weakest link. Straight classic N.O.

kid slizzard said...

thats the dissent I was hoping for. Enjoy! Download and make this link strong!

kid slizzard said...

vote with your clicks

Anonymous said...

Aw Man you got that CODE-6 INSTRUMENTAL.
You lucky bastard.
Do you think you can do a 1-off and upload it sometime in the future?
LOL at Ice Mike promoting himself before the artist.
Major respect for the other rips,Thanks.
one of your Humble Blog followers.

J Real said...

g twins straight n.o. classic

FrankieThaLuckyDog said...

Ceaser's year iz 1995.