NOLA Tapes: Mo Menace, Mo Drama


Black Menace Mo Drama
(Y2K, Menace Ent.) cassette -> 320 kbps

To follow the last post, a late tape from Threat's group, Black Menace. Not as strong of an effort as the Threat tape, but a piece of this Black Menace puzzle and I don't see it on offer elsewhere.

Producer Kajun Phunk borrowed Mannie's lasers and he can't let go. That name rings bells, give those bells names in the comments section. I like "4 of the Realest" from the B-side and I think the closing joint is an Insane bonus track intended to advertise for his record (see insert). Its good dessert, maybe better than the main course.


JeffParish said...

Yo, If you need this and the rest of the tapes you posted in CDQ I have pretty much all these CD'S.

Thought I must admit your tape rips are flawless.