NOLA Tapes: Funky Lycanthropy


Various Artists
Too Loaded Records pres.
The South Coast Compilation • STR-8-BALLIN
(1997, 2 Loaded) cassette -> 320 kbps

I was watching LA Story the other day and noticed the pre-text messaging text-message style text and this tape title is like that too. The tracklist lists prod. credits but no artist credits. Is that indicative of who got paid? They do list the artists randomly to note "appears courtesy of" creds, so I can use that to let you know whose buried here: Skull Dugrey, Kilo-G, Tre-8, Zeeda, Ceasar, Lil E, Ms. Kim, Southern Comfort, Ace-Lo, Shorty Roc, Lil Jinx, Big Bop, Fischer Fools, Recon, Hell Raisers.

Fischer Fools - "Caps Peeled" is really good but DL this zip to hear "Loaded as a Wolf", a really genius narrative that subs out weed for full-moons in a psycho-werewolf fantasy. Getting the munchies, eating children's brains, its all in there.