NOLA Tapes: Threat Williams


Threat (of Black Menace) Drama Az Usual
(1997, Strugglin' Strivin') cassette rip -> 320 kbps

I post a lot of shit with a completist's desire to unturn every rock, but this one's just really fuckin good. Rich, funk productions by Precise, Ice Mike, Tre-8, Carlos Stephens and Tha Jaz - who the fuck is Tha Jaz? He does expert work on "4 My Dawgz" and look at the cover, the mentioned "drama" here is Threat on an ice cream scoop of diarrhea at the cities farthest, wildest edge trying not to drown in this pool of nuclear waste that's ruled by alligators and is dissolving these handcuffs, bodies, knives, bills, cars, suitcases and this really small janitor or car mechanic but this is all in the future and Threat sees it as he lowers his shades or he's dead and he's looking down at earth, remembering it all. And the complementary image - grieving in a Black'n'Mild cloud.

Tre-8's track ("Abrokeni-Astressing") is crazily dissonant and cool.

"Ohh-Ohh" bangs hard and I can't believe a sampled vocal imitation of Enigma's "Return 2 Innocence" chorus works as well as it does.

I want Ice Mike to, like Quincy Jones, score major motion pictures, like Death Wish.


kid slizzard said...

I guess Jaz is an original Black Menace member

Juice Mannen Hugo said...

Thanks for sharing this, I never got around to listening to this record as J Dawg was my favorite of the duo.

You know that Black Menace once had more than two members?

オテモヤン said...
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JeffParish said...

The Song "Bustafied" is a straight diss record to J-Dawg of Black Menace.
This came out when they broke up because Big Boy Unloaded it's entire roster when they got the Mystikal Money and didn't want to pay its artist,that,and Charles Temple the owner of the label went to prison. For some reason J-Dawg turned his back on threat and stayed while Threat moved on to P-N-C-'S South Coast imprint and dissed him and the label.

Ryan Carl said...

Reup? Link Dead.