NOLA Tapes: It Ain't the Same No Mo


Mobo Click & Da Grace DJs present
Marvelous & Peaches Wobble on Dat Stick
(1999, Mobo) cassette rip -> 320 kbps

Posting a lot of Mobo releases coming up (including the label's first release). This short EP is fairly pure bounce in the sense that it obeys more rules than it breaks. Strong Female vox except when they are weak and per usual, I like the weed anthem (the first one). Although I don't like the cover artwork, I do like the name of the designers - Blue Dog Graphics.

Interested in whatever paraphernalia accompanies Becoming A Mobo Soldier by way of a 3x5 postcard mailed to the Mobo Soldier PO box. Did anything ever come out by the P-Cola click? This blog is like an arcade magic 8-ball. I drop money in (in the form of mp3 archives) and ask questions.