NOLA Tapes: Da Rangaz


Da Rangaz All Night Flightaz
(1999, Last Chance Records) cassette rip -> 320 kbps

Production by Kenneth "DJ Chicken" Williams & Terrance "T-Bone" Johnson, shout-outs by Wild Wayne. Excellent a capella weedhead skit, stranger telephone comedy on "Buncha Bitches". Good, hype bounce on the title track and "Score It, Roll It". Very Brown beats throughout. Actually, "Get Wild With It" sounds like a Bounce adaptation of a Ying Yang riff, and "All Night Flightaz" is built around a similar two-note piano line to "Fuck the Ying Yang Twins". I'm not trying to say this connection means much, just that I saw it.


MuziknGeneral Blog owner said...

Do you know where I can find the explicit version of "Every Day of my life"?

I have herd it twice and bought the all night flightaz cd and all of Mouche's stuff but still nothing.

If anyone can find out I know its you my man.Great Blog that gives alot of detail and History on whats posted.

Thanks for comming back!!!!

MuziknGeneral Blog Owner said...

Maybee you can Appretiate this MixTape Iv'e been working on.
Its all the Old New Orleans Classics re-worked with other N.O. Classic Beats.
Some of it needs a little cleaning up...It's a work in progress
Lemme know what you think.


SANKO said...

You should note... The song "Whoodi" tells the story, maybe even the origins, of the slang term that took NOLA by storm in the late 90's early 2000's.

A guy by the name of Stone, who you'll hear be called "Stone The MuthaPhucking General", is credited with coining the popular term.

If I'm not mistaken, he's one of the members of the D-Boys. If you've seen the D-Boys DVD with Lac & Stone counting boxes stuffed with literally 10's or 100's of thousands of dollars during the first 5 minutes, you'll understand where their name came from.

Chopper City KGZ said...

Not sure y but the song "whoodi" is not in the rip.... now im really courious to hear it.. kid if you could...?