NOLA Tapes: The Wickie Wickie

South Coast Shorty The Hot Girl
(1997, South Coast) cassette rip -> 320 kbps

I realize T&G has been full of empty promises of late, but this time I'm shouting "We're Back!" and meaning it. The good news is that at the breaking point where most blogs like this die, this one just paused.

The first in a line of many: South Coast Shorty aka Trinice Ricks. As fond as I am of P&P style photoshop composites, I think I might prefer an alternate reality where colored pencil fantasy art like this drawing by Jay "Genisis" Alexander (who must've done the Southern Raw Females comp art) blew up in the same way. But to each his own - you can find this cover included on this list of Worst Rap Covers along with all my other favorite record covers. www.thug.com is a fucking masterpiece of a cover and in my dreams I'm blogging this on Thugscape Navigator.

I've heard that bird chirp siren sound from 'From the Back" in a Jubilee track before. What is that thing? Lots of sort-of 1980s hyper-melodic synth lines that it seems like only became popular a few years ago when mainstream rap turned so overtly pop.

Nows a good time for re-up requests, btw.

Highlights: "Represent", "Hott Girl", "Gots' No Time (Wickie Wickie)"


Anonymous said...

I don't think you've posted this yet, but I would like to hear more G-Style.

scjoha said...

Started reading your blog about two months ago - massive props for your work here, putting all these rare tapes on! Good shit here.
If you plan on re-upping stuff, here are my requests:

Radical T - Radical But Critical

Swamp click S/T
(1996, Big Easy Records)
from cassette to 320 mp3

MC J Ro J "Ain't Nuthin Nice"
(1988, Enoja) @ 320 kbps

Fiend f/ BG & Soulja Slim
"Fired Up" (2004, No Label)

Krush 2 "Ghetto Jump"
(1986, Sunnyview) @ 320

Various Artists
"Boogie in the South"
@ O.P.B. (Other People's Bitrates)

Sporty T "It's All Good"
(1995, Big Boy) cassette rip @ 320

MC Dice Down for my Crown
(1995?, Mugz/Spiral Records)
cassette rip @ 320 kbps

2 Blakk
The Game [single]
(1995, TTH Marketing)
cassette rip @ 320

Fool Whut You Talkin Bout?
(1997, Dice Records)

I know, it's a lot. But it would be really nice to see some of them (rather listen to them). Thanks for your good work!

boi-dan said...

Props on all the NOLA tapes