Buckle Up G

Lo Key Test My Nutz
(199?, Street Smart?)
cassette rip @ 320

Lo Key, cousin of Tommy Wright, of the Willett Click, South Memphis.

Is this Lo Key or 2 Lo Key? And if its the former (and I think it is) then how accurate are my track names, pulled from a site that used the latter? Questions from the fog. The title track of this cassette made its debut on this blog here, where I (mis?)attributed it to Lil Noid.

Boring uncertainties yall could give shits about. This one is excellent, the evil dream psychedelic vibe, warm tape-echoed vox, simultaneously psychopathic, apathetic, brooding. Dislocated funk, sativa paranoia.


Dave Quam said...

thanks a lot, this is great

Anonymous said...

Yeah this is much appreciated right here. Would you happen to have any more cassette rips @320 from Memphis Tennessee?.

Keep up the good work!!

barns said...

who is the youngster on "Bankroll"? i think he says his name but i can't make it out

Tha said...
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Tha said...

His name was Lil Hardness & the actual title was "Roads To Riches". Thanks 4 your comments I had fun producing Lo-Key 1st tape. Feel free to contact me(M.D.B.) If you would like his 2nd release "Feelin Of A Playa"