Playa Funk

OJ Click *

"Pimps, Macs, Hustlas, Playas"
(1995, Black Temple) [VBR]

"Crazy Red"
(1996, Black Temple?) [VBR]

NUTHIN BUT THAT PLAYA FUNK BUMPS IN YA TRUNK. You have to pay your dues if you wanna be a playa.

I think whoever ripped these two OJ Click classics was expecting more dues on my part, but since its 2009, I'm not paying. Both came from an invite only blog, which as far as sharity goes, I don't believe in and as far as access goes - is there some other use of google's cache??

The sound quality is pretty clear, considering. Hopefully, you prefer Dolby NR in the off position. Some weird I's and O's on Crazy Red, though.

Great laid back cheap synths and tuned tom-toms. Perfect one finger piano part-writing. I've gotten nowhere searching for clues to the History of Memphis Rap Counterpoint. I'm still waiting for some impossible revelation, like the John Carpenter film with soundtrack credits split between JC and Bar-Kays, or archive footage of Isaac Hayes in the studio, smoking blunts, listening to Bartok, nameless little future-rap youngins running around, messing up gear.

A lot of samples I can't place that share space on 3-6 tape-catalogue tracks. I intend to come up with a way to drain the knowledge of their sources out of you the reader, because you've proven able time and time again, provided I make it a little easier for you.