Its the Return

And.... we're back! I couldn't really keep up my C&W protest, because I don't actually have a single country record. Actually, embarrassingly enough, though I listen to all sorts of music I don't really have any records other than rap 12's except the first three Meter's records, a small pile of Numero & Mississippi reissues and a scattered pile of Lyrichord and Sound Effects records (for artistic purposes), along with whatever comes free from being a States Rights recording artist. Oh yeah and some Florian Hecker to clean out the ears every now and again.

And Obama banner is back because I need some fucking health insurance. This is because I am in a pickle.

I was hoping for some contrast pen tap vids but as far as I am willing to peek this is the only middle/high-schooler on youtube who keep up the same tempo for longer than 30 secs. ID, please.



Anonymous said...

Yo, The comeback... Kool for us!

paul j. said...

yo, those early meters albums shred, although i'm glad they eventually became a vocal group.