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A collection of mag ad scans circa Y2K [Part 1]

I didn't just include those by artists who are T&G favorites, though I tried (but didn't always succeed) to pass over pages that weren't visually interesting.

Glad to see that www.thegreatestrapshow.com does not currently exist. This means that Alaska's Drinks Own Urine/Columbine-Worship rap scene will remain a mystery, something always preferred to a disappointment (not that I had high hopes anyways).

Hopefully these ads can still function as something more than just Y2K nostalgia as one or two of you actually discover a records worth searching for.

Stay tuned for round 2.


ANU said...

thanks slizz !

Todd said...

the great e-strap show?

Dave Quam said...

much appreciated mang

Dave Quam said...

man the big moe one is amazing

ninagloc said...

man you gotta up this again