Unheated Beats: Sounds from the Center of the Sun

Mystik@l & Ouk@st
"Neck Uv Da Woods (inst.)"
[prod. by Earthtone III]
(1999, J!ve)

A way-too buried junt from Earthtone3 at their creative peak. So many great beats' strength comes from their economy of space. Some left between beats for each hit to tug without ripping anything wide open, some left on top to be filled by a thick layer or two of rapping. Ideally, straight and sparse enough for versatile use as a DJ tool, individual enough that every clip signifies.

This track is the opposite of that - topped-off past full, spilling over, a little bit careless. Double time 808 bass & hihats compete with loud rides, enough synths for a whole John Carpenter movie and the inexpert wah-wah that really gives this its MacGuyver feel.

This track is really one of my all time favorites. I'm familiar with it as one of the hidden tracks on Mystikal's Let's Get Ready which doesn't get the credit it deserves as a great rap full-length. Still, the 3 hidden tracks there are better than any of the listed ones.

I found this in the Amoeba clearance bins recently in single promo form. I never knew it was from The Woods soundtrack and I still don't know anything about this Jay D / Slum Village rmx.


J Real said...

Yo man post this acapella please

Anonymous said...

post the track and remix?!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a (modern) blaxploitation stuff... A chasin" stuff for sure. Close your eyes and imagine Willie Dynamite or Super Fly driving fast along 110th Street ! It works or not?
French Jean-Pierre

plum drank said...

ay the dilla/slum mix is from dj jamad + floyd da locsmif's mixtape "outskirts", 2 cds of neo-souly 'kast blends + remixes (locsmif's half is all unheard production, jamads half is over shit like epmd & sade & the roots) - worth a cop 4sho, i would rec atl's dumpster dive for housing $5 copies of this but they closed up 2 yrs ago, RIP - still probly online somewhere or like iap or some shit - floyd rmx of "skew it on the bar-b" been my secret weapon for a minute now

Anonymous said...

This was a classic to me.... Mystikal never gets enough props from most Hip-Hop heads... I think maybe because he is usually shouting, but his flow is insane and he has some of the funniest and most entertaining punchlines

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