Bounce Tapes: The Double Stack

Warren Mayes and Da Posse
See Me When I Get There
(1998?, Bomb Records)
Tape 1, Tape 2
double cassette rip @ 504 kbps

What is this beast of a cassette double-album? 37 songs, 4 sides, 2 titles and 1 giant insane cassette case like I've never seen or even imagined. An all over the place extravaganza - good tracks, bad tracks, some bounce and some not.. great micro-chopped triggaman bells somewhere in there and the unexplained gift of two bangin Rebirth Brass tracks to kick off the fourth quarter.

For this post there are media options, you can enter this music from any door, hole or window: download either or both tapes above or without commitment check a few different cuts via youtube:

I like the weird production on "I Am Gone Get's Mine", which like Playa Fly's "Nappy Hair & Gold Teeth" reminds me of the soundtrack to Tetris Attack for Super NES. Or "Are You Ready" which is the Comin Out Hard sort of Mission Impossible funk. Or "Stack That Ass Up"s Hammered Dulcimer Brown Beats.

Wait, I think I didn't draw enough attention to the case of this thing. It is almost the same proportions as a single case but twice as big and fits 2 tapes but sidewise.


N0LA $ou1ja said...

rip @ 504 kbps. Hmmm....

kid slizzard said...

You caught me. But seriously, I should mention that this album was clearly never mastered: the volumes are all over the place. That leaves a couple of the songs loud and a little distorted because I set the levels on a quieter song.

joko_jokojo said...

are there any chance to get a tracklist?

Todd said...

Stack that Ass Up is one of the best songs I've heard in awhile. Man, take out the weirdo R&B tracks, and this whole thing is pretty great & strange.