Violent Cus its Really Fabulous Music

Parts two and three of LArap poster Turlet's generous WMV upload.

I'd like to know the details about 2 UNLV songs whose instrumentals were repackaged for other Cash Money artists' singles: Wayne's "Go DJ" and Juvie's "Set It Off". "Yella's Revenge" seems like its a Sinista junt and "Set it Off" a Mannie Fresh production - so what's up with that? I've always had a lot of respect for the Yella/Setitoff instr. which pairs the drag-net riff with the Halloween theme but slowed down and phrased instead of sampled. In my imagination I see all MIDI programmed rap played live - some asian teenager furiously plucking away the crazy pizzicato octaves while some drunk, blind man bangs piano low notes with one finger.


Anonymous said...

I love these cats, really !! Ones of the best Cash Money's artists... "Drag'em" is a fabulous song...
J-P from France