Bounce Tapes: Nero Bounce

Fool Whut You Talkin Bout?
(1997, Dice Records)

MC Nero
I Gotta Lotta Respect: Da Album
(1996, Slimpicket)

Two content-overlapping cassette tapes by different name variations of Shelton "Doesn't Cuss" Nero of Baton Rouge. What's strange is that the only other release I know of his is the Warlock 12" "Where You From (Dat Rouge)" which uses a third variation: MC Nero Baby. I'm trying to figure out what sort of situation could have left him dodging lawsuits filed against himself by himself.

Its possible the name change corresponds with with a shift in visual representation. Like Dots, Before the Dots and After the Dots.

I don't actually have anything to say about the music in these half-good cassettes (except that there are things there that interest me) but I don't want that to stop or slow down my posting at a point when I've been negligent and am sitting on a pile of need-to-rip shit.

I decided its not worth it to try and figure out how these releases relate to each other. They're in some no man's land beyond singles/EPs/LPs. I can't ever figure out which tape I'm listening to.

"Lookie Here Yall" from Fool Whut You Talkin Bout?. More Bounce tropes on this than any track on either tape, Nero Bounce included.


Scott said...

Awesome, thank you for the tapes! The only link I have between Nero's first release (which came in an indie picture cover version before being picked up by Warlock) is on a 1994 compilation LP. It features various Baton Rouge rappers and R&B singers:


Check out track #3 for Nero's fusion of N.O. rap and DC go-go...has to be the only one of its kind.

kid slizzard said...

yeah the gogo style vers. of "Ima Let U Kno Itz Auz Goodz"is a lot cooler than the remix on I Gotta Lotta Respect: Da Album

"Da O'Guinye Chant" must be one of a kind too, what is this?? I would love to hear some more of his nigerian midi rap style productions

Scott said...

Nice, I had missed that remix at first. Your tape rips are really clean, by the way.

That "Chant" song is crazy, right? But I can't find any more info about this compilation - feel a tape or CD version with inserts must exist. Internets, can you help us?

kid slizzard said...

don't speak too soon, that warren mayes rip is kind of a mess, but only cuz its levels are so off.

the release "far from home" is available by o'guinye on amazon canada.. expensive though. really intrigued.

kid slizzard said...

Also: nero is feat. on the Bottom Posse track "rollin on em"

Scott said...

I can't find a link to that album, just "My Ship Is Coming In" from 1999 listed on Amazon: "Simon O'Guinye, is a Nigerian Born artist that is based in Baton Rouge Louisiana. He has been involved in the music business for the past 10 years." Sadly, it is unavailable.

Jersey Catalin said...

can u pls reup those 2?

i had some rips but i've lost em when one of my hdds crushed :(

props and i hope someday u will get this blog back to his days of glory!! was a damn dope place for south music!!

props and a huge RESPECT!