One Man Gang - One Stop Shopping

Sometime recently T&G's hands-down favorite MC, Tommy Wright the third, reclaimed the TW3 market by creating the Street Smart Ebay store and stocking it full of everything we ever wanted. Posters, cassettes, bumper stickers...

The cost is still on the high side but its still worlds away from the obscene net deals I've seen the past couple of years. I bought "On the Run" from an Amazon seller 5 years ago for 8 dollars. I saw it offered last year on the same site for 300, and though maybe no one ended up paying that much I saw it go for at least 100 on Ebay.

Hit it up and realize I'll be pulling all TW3 links ASAP. And look forward to an interview with Tommy by T&G poster Rob in these pages if it turns out he's serious.