Scared to Kick Reality

Lil Elt AKA 5foota
(2003, N.O.E.) @ that 320

Lil Elt of "Get the Gat" fame and this disc features two versions of that track that differ from the "gemix" version: the original and the slowed-down 10 year anniversary revisit. Both are good and there's plenty of other worthwhile shit before them. I recommend "Bootin Up".

A greatest hits cd presupposes an existing body of releases. Anyone know those releases? And the related question for Noz: How many Parkway Pumpin cat. #'s are in your head or are you fronting?

I have this one in a vinyl-style blank-spine sleeve. Whenever I buy used promos I wonder what radio station or magazine they were mistakenly sent to.

"All songs produced and mixed by DJ Tee (50 Gran)".


SANKO said...

How many Parkway Pumpin' Category #'s are there??

so far I have 3 cassettes.

1991- 39 Posse cassette
1992- Lil Elt cassette
1994- Magnolia Slim cassette

Any others??

Anyone know if Mystikal put out an album with them when he was calling himself Mystikal Mike?

Jersey Catalin said...

can u pls reup this one!!!

i've looked all over for it!!

and big thx for uploadin that Bounce compilation u made with that TT TUCKER cover!!