Bounce Tapes: the Diceman

MC DiceBold Down for my Crown
(1995?, Mugz/Spiral Records)
cassette rip @ 320 kbps

I recently read Luke Rhinehart's the Diceman, which is a book about a psychologist who one day rolls a dice to decide whether or not to rape his neighbor and colleagues' wife. The dice tell him to go ahead with it and it works out so well he converts thousands of followers across the nation who all let chance take over their lives.

This might not be too far off from what Dice had in mind about going "nation wide".

All production (and post-production too) by future Beats by the lb member Carlos Stephens, the only Medicine Man to stick with No Limit after they became "New".

I have to request that someone upload this related Mugz release because I've had a real high success rate with requests lately.


ROB said...

Yo man, this is Rob, fellow unlv fan. Did you know that Tommy Wright 3 has an ebay store now. I've been getting mad shit from him. All the underground tapes and my most recently acquired and most prized possession, an 18 X 24 inch On the Run poster! I thought I should let you know, just in case you didn't know. And you've been hooking everyone up with such great music for so long now. This is our chance to support one of our favorite artists. aight peace!

ROB said...

And I've been corresponding with him DIRECTLY through ebay. I've been asking him so many nonebay related questions. I can pretty much compile a full interview. I think you were the one that was wondering which song of his was produced by DJ Paul? It was Shoot to Kill, off of memphis massacre. Tommy said that it was when he didn't have a studio and he had to go around paying rappers for studio time. Tommy said that DJ Paul still has the master tape and that he is still waiting for him to cough it up.

kid slizzard said...

yo! I was going to post about this shit today. I just bought a cassette from him yesterday! this is fucking cool and I've been waiting on artists like this to take charge of their own indemand ebay shit. Posters and stickers and shit, too.. tommy has all my overtime pay for the next three months

kid slizzard said...

Rob, if you fwrd me the emails I'll edit it into a straight interview and post it.

Scott said...

Another quality post. Never heard this CD - I had no idea Carlos Stephens was involved.

I don't have that tape, but I have Dice's first single from '92, "Rock City" & "Special Man." I can upload that if you need it.