Bounce Tapes: Second Line Jump

Bold2 Blakk
The Game [single]
(1995, TTH Marketing)
cassette rip @ 320

Liner notes credit DJ Mannie Fresh and DJ Duck and I wonder how those credits are split. I think "Nigga Is Real" is a giveaway Fresh track but then again none of these stray too far from the template, so its hard to tell. 2 Blakk shouts out to both producers in "Second Line Jump" so the division of labor may be overlapping.

I'm interested the history of this dated explicit lyrics sticker. I was thinking at first that this might be a pre-Tipper sticker, but it turns out that's been around since Ice-T's Rhyme Pays. I've actually only seen this sticker on New Orleans tapes, but that's likely coincidental.

All three songs are good enough on here, I really do appreciate having the "Second Line Jump" instrumental, though. Partly because I may want to put it to extra-curricular use someday but also because I think instrumental NOLA Brass Rap is in itself something worth listening to. I'm curious: how many other people listen to instrumentals like its full music?


barns said...

"how many other people listen to instrumentals like its full music?"
I do for sure man. And this one in particular is so good. Thanks for the upload, I never heard the instrumental.

Also sometimes I loop a few seconds of Katey Redd slowed down 70% so that it sounds like a nightmare goblin or some shit.

kid slizzard said...

female mc screw is like its own genre. the last thing in the world I want to listen to or drink is lil jon's "crunk juice" but that screwed gangsta boo verse is otherworldly

Emerson said...

I wish I'd had this when I had a radio show. I usually talked over instrumentals, and I never had enough fresh ones.

Dre'matic said...

that warning sticker was a choice of many artists and labels who used the company disc makers for their product duplication (their catalog was how i first learned about mystikal and many other obscure rappers like playa 1000). personally, i can listen to instrumentals all day but i guess it's like that when you been makin' beats forever.

tlevelle said...

Man, I wanna hear that Second Line instrumental myself, but the link seems dead. You still got it?