Red side, Rum side

Doleamite Ruff-n-Da Ghetto
(1997, Red Rum)
320 kbps MP3 from cassette

Weird full-length by bounce eccentric Doleamite. I like the cover - posing with the Mortality/American History themed funeral folk art. Reminds me of this tape. Exaggerated soulful singing kind of like the Souljas of Sorrow or that Death full-length. Even stranger is this different-key a cappella Frankie Beverly sample on "Stress Got Me Tripping".

This is a good followup to tonight's earlier Elt post: DJ Tee produced most of this record and Lil Elt is feat. on "Lil 5'0". Elsewhere feats by Lill Vill, M&M Slim, Queen D, Big Slack, Face Forever, Lok'ee.