Homonym Premonition

310 Connection Category 5, Vol. 1
(2000, 310 Hurricane Records)
@ 310 kbps

I traced this one backwards from that previously mentioned turnofthecentury Q93 tape. Its solid and tight, built mostly from those synth cheese presets that Mannie Fresh brought to Southern infamy in the late 90s and that paved the way for the even more ridiculous synth tones that have taken over in all sorts of more recent shit, from 1 bit fruity-loop squarewave snap bass to that eerie trance bullshit that I hear too much on the radio.

The 310 roster has names like an Infinity Gauntlet comic book: Unknown, Bizarre, Tank the Eradicator, Birdyman, Lace, Chaos & Confusion, whose tongue-twist a capella skit confirms my suspicion as he demonstrates those superpowers gleaned from the magic of weed. Its great unbacked rap and I plan on cutting it to hell asap. "Board Ya House Up" is the radio-played single that caught my attention and its geeked up hihats and fax modem bleeps make it a highlite.

This label seems to have unleashed a few other records, too, not that there's a visible discrepancy between fake and real "Coming Soon" images. At the very least Category 5 Vol 2 is available on Amazon for more dollars than anyone has in 2009.


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