Bounce Around

DJ Jubilee presents the Bounce Squad: Bouncin All Over the World
(2000, Take Fo') @ 320

The Bounce Squad is DJ Jubilee's dance group. Of their 4 members (Willie Puckett, Twerker, Kooly and Anky) only Puckett has solo releases (also on Take Fo') as far as I know. Yall can check the whole squad here, doing their strange thang and there's a good offBeat interview with DJ Jubilee here, where Jube claims to be working with Dick Clark Productions on a miniseries or movie about his life and offers this analysis of TT Tucker, Bounce's OG MC: "He’d just talk trash behind the microphone and sometimes not make any sense. He’d talk about an an outfit, how you fix your hair."

This record served as my introduction to Bounce music 7 years ago so any objective perspective is without hope. Great contributions by a beefsquashed UNLV (surviving duo at this point, Yella Boy having passed), Junie Bezel (who in one of Bounce's most unfortunate moments of disconnect was taken to France by author Nik Cohn to perform with Stardust vocalist Benjamin Diamond as laptop DJ) and Bigg Ramp (check "Get Ignorant").

There's a remix of the "Jubilee All" on his first release that replaces the bassline with the Barney themesong. I think that's a good metaphor sometimes for Jubilee's innocent and simple bounce style, but the energy and enthusiasm is next-leveled enough for my full respect.


jared said...

does anybody know where i can download million dollar hot boy or any other puckett?

Anonymous said...

What is kooly real name