Female Thugs

Brown Suga Female Thugs
(1998, Street Vibe) @ Three20

Budget production bounce that only wavers in quality when the production team steps up to the mic or maybe we just like our thugs best female. The best track on here is single "Ya Ya YaY" and depending on how closely you inspect the fruits of your DSL hoarding you're likely to find more tracks worthwhile.

I was hoping to learn more about Brown Suga but any attempt to do so was clouded by the name's stripper prevalence. And thats too bad because Ba Dunk A Bounce 6 and Doin the Bubble Butt 4 sound just like the comps upon which I'd like to stumble.


Anonymous said...

The song "You been whip" always got a rewind in the Flap tour van.... "mister know-it-all, mister can't tell-ya-nothin ... .ain't -- that -- somethin"

there was another release on this label, born suspect & mr wildstyle doing some sort of satanic triple six gangsta rap... I have it but cannot recommend. TD

kid slizzard said...

yeah I found that disappointment on another blog. the liner notes advertise for a Ju'C full length, I have to assume that never came out