08 Crank Update

A quick survey of recent Youtube rap dance crazes, whose real-world locus seems to have shifted from Atlanta to Dallas. I know this is often the most-hated music, but if like Big Boi says "To make one bob they head be the track job" then getting someone dancing in the driveway, street, garage, bedroom or basement, then documenting and sharing that with the whole world is a track gone above and beyond.

Fat Pimp - Rack Daddy
Dion - I Jump Judy
Unknown - What Dat Gurl Name?
G-spot Boyz - Stanky Legg


Anonymous said...

that dallas boogie.do da durty booty,do da durty booty!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for still showin do it love

connor said...

just thought you should know "what dat gurl name" link just goes to the "jump judy" zshare page

connor said...

PS you got any Roland Thick?

kid slizzard said...

fixed mane, sorry for the holdup...someone reveal the artist name though