Well, Well, Well

So, America finds its new president and Twankle & Glisten faces its first threats of copyright violation. Apparently, the DMCA contacted Google with a request to remove my post "Aye Aye, Captain Dick" in its entirety, due to copyright infringement.

This certainly surprised me. I only upload releases from junk piles, dollar bins, thrift stores or from the opposite end of the spectrum - pricey OOP Ebay auctions. I don't fucking go to Best Buy, get the 9.99 bonus disc edition of Carter III and pass it off free to the world with my MP3 click tagged on like some bad digital graffiti.
I suppose I got careless upping this semi-recent Luke promo, but it certainly seemed safe territory - the release came from the 50 cent bin, had NO notes, NO label info, NO copyright, NO anything. Bootlegg begets bootlegg. And why isn't this like good press for the newest Luke album? Who the fuck else is writing about new Luke? I always thought this was a blog dedicated to the rap no one cares about. The only person I can imagine losing money from what I do on this site is the guy trying to sell a copy of On the Run for 250 dollars on Amazon.

A few more threats like this and the blog will be removed entirely....I wonder what digitally-translated rap trashpile will be passed off as theft next. And thanks to Google-Cache, the full aforementioned post reposted (with link removed), because I spent too much time merging Spongebob porn with a Luke cover and I don't like being censored:

Aye Aye, Capt. Dick

I know yall tired of the playground shit, and have been ever since you saw some kids Supermaning while you were waiting for the F train. But since youtube dance videos is one of the favorite stoned hobbies of this blog author, I couldn't much hold back. Besides, how else would I truly get my 50 cents worth on this one? Its not as good as the Blaqstar Tote It mix, but then again the relation between dance and song there was less overt, which helps. And I don't really know how much you can expect from the Godfather's attempts to re-connect to such a ridiculous youth movement, but at least he didn't make a Bird Walk track.

The dance, of course, originated in Bmore (a locale abbreviation that's left a euro head or two scratched round here) and then dropped down the country's eastern coastline like a piss-stream down the leg of an incontinent old man (wait, incontinent continent?). I read on Wikipedia that SpongeBob has an ancestor, SpongeBuck, so I'm waiting for this harder dance to emerge, this thugged-up SpongeBuck.

I don't know what kind of back-alley lathe-cut they're doing for promo records these days, but all my Soulja Boy and VIC 50 cent bin finds are somehow unplayed and worn in at the same time, with edges rough enough to draw blood. And if anyone knows the tracks bumped in back of any of these D-Mac vids, holler. The box is gone so you'll have to write a real comment. I would provide some sort of reason for that, but blogging about your CBOX is like blogging about someone else's blog post about your blog. Speaking of which, J Roget/J Ro J... a senseless name now made more sensible.


Real Juicy said...

oh man, sorry to hear about that. WTF are they thinking?

w said...

Keep fighting the good fight.

boi-dan said...

sell a copy of On the Run for 250 dollars on Amazon.

its like that eh? I guess there is value in being a southern hip-hop fanatic. When I was b/w jobs, I was unloading some rare south sh!t (slightly scratched remind you) for around $50+. "Slangin' stones to them bitches." - Master P

It's all in the game b/c if T-Mac's Shinin & Bigtymin' ever appears again for $100+, it will be mine.

KYOZAI said...

I get same message because of:

50 Cent - Window Shopper promo

Affected URLs:


ripley said...

sorry to hear it. Heh, can't you tell Luther it's a parody blog? (probably he doesn't own the rights anyway.)

anyway I'm curious where this new push by the RIAA to blogger is gonna lead.

It's gonna lead me to migrate my blog off of blogger and onto Wordpress I think.

barns said...

on a somewhat related note, i will never read this page in google reader again. that header image is fucking great.