I'm sure this youtube video format existed prior to my recent unearthing (and if there's some other sort worth watching, call it out), but these straight-chop video interpretations of Baltimore club tracks are the only way I've seen an unadulterated sample being ..uh.. sampled. Such great rap synthesthesia - I'm always down for extending the rap experience to the other senses (like the sensation of ball-rattling low boom). 

The Chapelle as Rick James cut pushes me as deep as I've been into post-modernism's kiddie-pool of infinite reflexivity which is just about the most one can hope for a youtube experience. 

Modern life.


boi-dan said...

somebody needs to write an article for VIBE juxtaposing NO Bounce, Baltimore House, DC G0-G0 & Chicago House.

sonic rump exports

N0LA said...

Man, this some funny shit. Tight though.

Bees said...

It's embarrassing how amused I am by the "Slap" one.