Hoochie Mama Man

Mr. Mixx Bass from Da Bottom: Divas of Bass

You know, I lost the cover to this one so I thought I would just share this barely related yet completely amazing cover instead, found on Mixx's Myspace a while back. Do need to cop this hopefully-existing-and-within-my-consumptive-reach release, VGNL minded, though.

The actual rip here is from Mr. Mixx's "Bass from the Bottom" series on Priority (which includes other titles Shake-a-Booty Bass, Bass, Beats & Breaks and Divas II). This has been a walkman mainstay of mine ever since having stumbled on someone's 30-tape-deep outgrown bass collection in a strange new age bent record store.

I can't be sure whether or not David "Mr. Mixx" Hobbs was turned on to the contemporary rap undercurrents of Chicago and Detroit and wherever else or if this kind of stripped-down, strip-club booty begged itself into existence in such a way that even before being made it was here and always would be. An always already-present present. Even in absence. Aside from a little nuance, this stuff shares everything with its Ghetto-Tech cousins (maybe a bit more cheesy), but no matter which way you bend the family tree its Hobbs himself as the damn father or grandfather to both movements - there'd be no Ghetto House if it weren't for that Shake, and there'd be no Shake without that 2 Live.

Either way, Mixx's discography is going for pennies on Amazon, I think I'll scoop up what I can right now. I mean, I don't know how valuable your time is, but, depending, it might be cheaper for you to just fucking buy this there instead of DL here. See what I'm sayin.


Anonymous said...

your password don't work on this one :(

kid slizzard said...

Nah homie, it does. It always does and its the wonderful and singular limit to this shit. I was glad when someone posted my links on Louisiana Rap and a couple of folks said "fuck your links"....it proved to me that a password was worthwhile, that it kept the DLs pointed and focused.
My best advice is to cut and paste. I think the ampersand fucks with people.

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