What's Goin Wrong

Cool-D What's Goin Wrong
(1992, Mugz) @ 320 kbps

Another one from the Mugz label (also responsible for the original pressing of recently-posted "Sista Sista").

My copy is a little worn in - some kind of watery peaking in the loud spots. Track is all lean and simple societal reflection rap. It might be too boring if not for the organ part and I do like his rapping style.

Cool logo - you probably can't make it out from this hand-held scan but our Mugz cartoon homey is posted up at this intersection. Reminded - I should work up a logo collection for the right-side images...

Claim is this 12" came out before his full-length, the Unexpected, and check the cover on that motherfucker. Great raw nola style and post-modern iconism. With that shirt on he could be back from the dead and ready to attend his own funeral. And the expression on his face both real and interpreted says almost nothing at all.

I would parrot that he later rolled with the Gotti Click, but I don't know shit about that. Take it up with Dober and while you're at it check his deep and scattered collection of covers. Got one of my deepest screen-stare headaches since the day Super Mario 3 came out when I found that.


Scott said...

Nice, been looking for this one for a while.

I love the other releases on Mugz Records - the Most Wanted Posse and MC Dice 12-inches are some of my favorite early 90's N.O. releases.

The only other info I found on the label was this obituary that claims the label's owner Shawn Bowles sadly died in 1997 at age 24, which means he was putting out these records himself at age 19. Props and R.I.P.

noz said...

Mugz also put out the first pressing of Silky Slim's "Sister Sister", before Profile picked it up.

kid slizzard said...

Ah, what you didn't read the first paragraph for

sanko said...

so lemme see

most wanted posse a. it was a westbank thing b. first come first serve #MR2728 1992

cool-d #MR2729 1992

most wanted posse a. protect the innocent and punish the guilty b. whatcha in for (alternate/OG version) #MR2731 1992

MC Dice & The Everloaded Posse #MR4001 1993

Lil Ron Bossman #MR7001 1993

So I'm assuming Silky Slims "Sista Sista" released in 1992 could be #MR2730.

could the catalog number have started at #MR2727?

anyone know any other releases?