There is meaninglessness in this. Archive passwords, premium upload accounts, external hard-drives, message-board hierarchies, expired links... rainsoaked tagless bootlegg cassette-rips of records you never would have wanted if you hadn't first seen them move in online auctions for 3 digit figures.

In a different sense, though, good record collecting always was a compulsive disorder and in the absense of some coordinated and all-encompassing online audio-archive database (currently impossible, currently illegal) there will always be some gems off-radar, whether 45 RPM or hyperlink, left to stoke the fantasies of the incurable. I recently downloaded some disturbed number of Fuck Action and Lights Off .zips leading to the sort of misguided listening that creates more aversion than either pleasure or knowledge. The best feeling I got from those files was watching my HD space double in one recycle-bin dumping.

But just when MP3's were starting to feel like some niche-porn jpegs - the intangible and illusory representations of real-live records - BOTM uploaded the fucking Womack Da Omen album. And having worked up reality-sized anticipation, I'm sitting here right now enjoying this like a true plastic tape. Whether it lives up to itself is a question not worth asking. Instead: where are the La Chat verses? And I've heard a few, but this is one of the strangest hardcore appropriations of Enya I know of, good Young & Restless tucked up too.


Anonymous said...

co-signing this

Anonymous said...

Yah, I DL this from BOTM the other day. Its tyte. "Where my Demons at?"


Womack is la chats brother
if you want to hear some strange womack da omen cutscheck out MG / scott rock : how many haters
after you skim through the album listen to "hate life all the way through