In a Zag or a Pipe

The first in a series of Bay area related posts, as I attempt to connect a bit deeper to my new home in the Sco. Nickatina reminds me of DJ Spanish Fly in both flow and vocal timbre and I'm wondering if maybe the direction of influence runs the other way. Also, I can't say enough good things about RBL's "bammer" weed anthem - track or video: twirling condom, smoke overlay bay silhouette, dank breathing fence hallucinations.

Can't handle the dank - the reason: bammer joints.

And I apologize for the time lag, we ain't fallin off or nothin: Twankle&Glisten for life. I mean, until I get the boot or the wireless network I'm jacking turns secure on me. Oh, and let me say this: embedding disabled by request? Bitch, please.