Cheeky Black Let Me Get That Outcha
(1995, Tombstone) @ 320 kbps

By request, Cheeky's 1995 format-defying debut. Single? EP? Not sure: 5 street tracks, 2 instr. & 2 clean, though not the same ones. I think a prior version of this may have come out on Mobo Joe vinyl, so this Tombstone release may be an expanded CD version. The focus of the request and as such the reason for my posting is the instrumental version of "Bitch Get Off Me", samples of which you can hear all over the Money Rules Ent. post from yesterday. Think of it as Brown Beat & Triggaman's illegitimate child, growing up in a world of Mannie Fresh flourishes - dog barks, wobbly scratching and hard ass inline eighth notes stabs that sound like someone getting beat down with a baseball bat.

Oh yeah, and a new bounce dump in the hollerbox, pushed to the side because I'm not taking credit for it.


zhao said...

i look away for a minute and this place is going up in smoke! BIGUP for the triple six love from back in the day!!! that is some of my favorite shit ever. i heard underground vol. 1 like 4 years ago and never looked back. and loads of other dope shit i never heard of...

what was a pretty interesting likkle bwog is now an essential weekly stop.


daw said...

I've looked for this album for a while. What is the password to the file lemmegitit_twankle.rar?