Who Run It

Lil' E Who's Rulin' (1995, Slaughter House Records)

More Bounce for the NOLA archives and I'm left in awe of the difference between the Get Buck vibes in N.O. & Memphis. Lil E is all over the usual horror samples (Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby, Halloween...) but somehow makes its feel like a 10 Ward wide party. Meanwhile he spits the word "buck" like a bullet and you'd be hard pressed to find an instance of someone shouting the word with more frequency. Makes Gregory D's Buckjump Time sound like something for the pre-school crowd, but I guess it always sounded like that anyways.


zone6 said...

Children of the Corn: Welcome to the Slaughterhouse Nigga!!!

Hugo the Dude said...

this knocks! thx

Anonymous said...

Huh! This one sound great with all dat m-town influenses... very - very interesting. Thanx!
MF Sleem